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About Me

Certified Fitness Trainer, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

My mission with creating Sculpt and Shine Fitness is to help show women how to live a balanced and active life. I am passionate about teaching others how to create healthy habits by incorporating clean eating and movement into their daily routines. I truly believe that my journey has equipted me with the tools and experience to really identify with alot of the struggles women face. Fit is more than a look. It’s a FEELING. A feeling of commitment, strength, and constant dedication that no one can take from you. I want to help you experience this.

From Morbidly Obese to Fitness Model and Competitor

I remember looking at the picture on the left and thinking, "How did I let myself get that way?"  I had always tried to be active and wanted to eat healthy. But the truth was that if I worked out I didn’t have a plan and would either half ass it or give up within a month. As far as food went, I yo- yo dieted for my entire adult life. I would lose some weight here and there only to relive my binge cycle over and over and gain back more than I’d lost which eventually got me to the heaviest I’d ever been, 225lbs. I was extremely depressed.I had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, manic depression and anxiety. I was on 4 medications that made me like a zombie and was barely able to take care of my 2 babies.  I was not living but instead, dreading every single day that I had to drag myself out of the bed. Then one day I just got fed up. At my lowest point in life, I had a moment of clarity. What would happen if I really tried? Not just talked about it. What would happen if I didn’t give up after a month and hired someone to push me and teach me how to train my body? So that’s what I did. I slowly started changing EVERYTHING. It all started with that decision. To not lie to myself anymore but instead to really TRY. If you want to change , it’s starts with being honest with yourself.

My Transformation