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I am a firm believer that with dedication to creating a healthy lifestyle, ANYTHING is possible. 3 years ago I was 225 lbs, battling major mental health issues and heavily medicated, struggling to take care of my 2 young children. I decided that this was not the life I wanted and slowly began to change. I have now dedicated my life to helping others do the the same. With a solid nutrition plan, exercise routine, and accountabilitiy, we can create amazing results. Let's get started.

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I don't just show you how to do an exercise; I educate you in the areas of strength training, cardiovascular endurance, and proper nutrition.


I began working out with Ciara about six months after I had my third child. I had done keto before finding out I was expecting. I also had been exercising consistently but mainly doing cardio. I followed Ciara on Instagram and reached out when I saw she got her certification to become a personal trainer. Her posts were always motivating and inspiring. My body started immediately transforming. She encouraged me to push beyond what I thought I was capable of. She helped me stay on top of my nutrition and pushed me to change my mindset. I lost over 40 pounds and I lost track of how many inches! Ciara helped me get in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Her leadership and positive attitude were key to helping me trust her and the process. I am so grateful I chose Ciara as a personal trainer!



I have been a member of sculpt and shine since 2019. What made me want to work with Ciara is how she has been able to transform her own body just having a coach that knows the struggle of food addiction and what it takes to achieve results is priceless! In addition, Ciara has been attentive to me and my individual needs and pushes me to reach my goals. All together I have lost over 20 pounds and have gained back my confidence! I have no issues working out in the weight lifting areas in the gym anymore and look forward to working out everyday. I feel so happy with my results and most of all so blessed to have the best coach ever to help me. Ciara is everything I could have asked for in a trainor! Thank you so much Ciara 💝

Karen O

Karen O

Before I started my keto journey 3 months ago with Ciara I was defeated and needed a change. I was so sick of starting and stopping over and over again. Ciara immediately took the time to talk with me to discuss my goals and my previous struggles. Together we have set realistic monthly goals and I continue to see results! She is very easy to relate to and has a understanding of how hard being over weight is as well as what it takes to make a real change! Her meal plans are amazing and delicious! She is so supportive and I know my success so far is attributed to her commitment to my goals It has been amazing to change my eating habits, focus, mindset and watch the pounds decrease and my clothes fit better!! The best part is the energy and mental clarity I’ve experienced. I look forward to continuing to work with Ciara and reaching my goals!! If I can do it so can you!!



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